Training sword from zink-aluminium alloy. GF-series.

Развитие детей ЭСТЕР

Training sword from zink-aluminium alloy. The blade made in Gifu prefecture (Japan).
Nice sound. Special for Iaido hand-made balance.
Really good quality.
The handle is from hard wood and with genuine rayskin.
The saya is from hard wood.
You can see formerly made swords of the series with letters GF# here

Making of a sword would take about 1-1,5 months.
To calculate your sword and order please write for the next details:
- Blade length (traditional in shaku or in centimeters from Kissaki to Tsuba)

- Hamon: wave or straight.

- Tsuka (handle) length in centimeters

- Tsuka-ito: cotton - black, brown or navy; genuine leather - black or brown; silk - all traditional colors (leather and silk is more expensive for about 50euro)

- Tsuba - please choice from the list in picture and write the number.

- Saya: glance or mat. For Saya - with horn koiguchi and koziri (+€23)? 

The written price is approximate; really exact price is depends of options, it would be calculated exactly and presented to you. Please don’t hesitate to ask about the swords.

Price: €338.00